Calabash Volume 2: Call for Submissions

Closing date: 30 April 2021. The National Writers Association of South Africa is calling for writers to submit their poetry, short stories, novel excerpts, chapters of plays, reviews, articles and commentary on the state of our nation’s creative economy.


Call for Submissions for Volume 2

Closing date: 30 April 2021

We are calling for submissions for volume 2 of Calabash. Please submit your submissions as follows

  • Submissions are to be made by email to
  • All submissions are to be sent as attachments and should not exceed the maximum number of submissions or word count.
  • Closing date for submissions is 30 April 2021

The following will be accepted for consideration

  • Poetry (max 2 poems)
  • Short stories (max 2 000 words)
  • Book reviews (max 700 words)
  • Literary articles (max 2 000 words)
  • Art works and photos (max 6 photos to be submitted)
  • Any and all conflicts of interest must be disclosed up front. They will be included in the author bio as a rule.
  • All submissions should be accompanied by a bio of max 200 words.

Please note:

  • Calabash accepts submissions in all South African languages
  • Members of the Editorial Collective will engage with authors on proposed edits to their work if required, particularly in relation to new and upcoming authors who require support to reach the desired standard of work for publication. 
  • We are unable to respond to submissions individually, unless a piece is accepted for publication. If writers have not heard back from Calabash within 8 weeks, it is to be assumed that the submission has not been accepted on this occasion.
  • For academic articles/ reviews/ commentaries the onus on fact checking, historical and other data, referencing, etc, is on the author
  • In general, Calabash aims to publish previously unpublished work.  For work that has been previously published, submissions must include permissions to republish. (evidence that republishing the piece is possible according to the previous publisher.) 
  • Calabash does not accept simultaneous submissions: 
  • All copyright remains with the authors of the works,
  • Calabash does not pay for published pieces.