UPDATE is the official internal newsletter of the National Writers Association of South Africa (NWASA).

It supplements, and not substitutes or competes with, the organisation’s other interactive platforms. Submissions by individual members in the form of, among others, news/feature articles and opinion pieces do not necessarily represent the official stance of the organisation on any given topic unless so specified by the Secretary-General.

Members are entitled to rights-of-reply in cordial manner on views expressed in any texts by colleagues. The publication’s management reserves the prerogative for the selection, broadcast and/or withdrawal of any text submitted by members for consideration.

This is what Member Stoffel Mahlabe had to say after reading the Inaugural issue:

Wow, UPDATE is explosive. It’s informative, provocative, investigative, and incisive. It probes and pokes. It analyses and generalises, yet specifies and solidifies. Congrats and a hundred cheers to Lolo Ntshiqa and the SG Dr. Lance Nawa for the foresight and hard work.

Below are the links to the latest releases of UPDATE:

UPDATE. Issue 01. Released April 2023.