The President's Desk

Membership Benefits

Registered members qualify to gain the following benefits as they become available:

  • directly and/or exclusively receive correspondence and information from its structures;
  • get opportunities for production, publishing, and promotion of their writing;
  • provide or receive mentoring or workshop-based guidance and support related to improvement of writing skills;
  • receive assistance in the protection of intellectual property rights;
  • be nominated or elected and/or nominate or elect others onto its structures;
  • conduct or participate in literature-related research, attend literature events nationally, continentally and internationally;   
  • take part in discussions and implementation of various literary-related campaigns, 
  • be part of a global network of literary practitioners,
  • be nominated to awards for active participation in its activities as well as exceptional/outstanding literary prowess,
  •  and funeral assistance to members through the Nana Walter Chakela Writers Benefit Trust.

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