“Today, as much as then, we need a literary movement that can contribute and propel forward the transformation of our society and can illuminate the path. We look forward to NWASA playing this role as among those who will point the way forward for the intellectual culture of our country.”

Nathi Mthethwa, The Minister Of Art, Sport, Arts And Culture.

“Assembling with writers, poets, authors, creators, thinkers, philosophers, artists, cultural practitioners, comrades and colleagues, I would like to argue that as we ponder over the many answers that deserve lifelong seeking, we could consider for a moment that it is the art, craft and power of writing and storytelling that teaches humanity how to relate to the spectrum of human experience and emotion.”

Former President Kgalema Motlanthe, to the Inaugural General Assembly of the National Writers Association of South Africa.

“NWASA’s founding tenets such as its Constitution, Membership Credo and leadership structures project good governance, commitment and dedication consistent with its objectives. These offer confidence and promise of a successful cultural enterprise that deserves the support, in kind and cash, of government, business, and the citizenry. I therefore vouch for this entity in whatever assistance it requires to fulfil its institutional obligations.”

Barry Gilder, Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to the Syrian Arab Republic and the Republic of Lebanon.

“It is my belief that a country that neglects its literary arts and tradition teeters on the brink of self-destruction. The young people of our country need to reconnect with the lives and times, struggles, triumphs and tears of their forerunners. This is one way the arts plays a role in the much needed social cohesion. I see NWASA playing a role in ensuring that, as Amilcar Cabral had it, we return to the source, but not as an exercise in nostalgia but as a means of regenerating.”

Mandla Langa, South African poet, short-story writer, novelist, and cultural activist.

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